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Duty calls ........Monday,morning, my house

After getting things straight last night i stand out of the bed and yawn. I left Olivia on the couch last night, god i love her. I toss some clothes on and go out to the mail box. I flick through the mail.

"Bills...no i do not want a subscription to Et weekly..." I can't breath, i can't move. A letter...with the united states marines seal on it? I bust it open. I scan over the letter.

Unites states marines:

Dear Sergeant Rodriguez:

We regret to inform you that you are beckoned for the call of duty yet again. We know your time is up but once a marine, always a marine. A special mission has been asked of you, briefing will be given upon your arrival. This mission is very dangerous and very delicate....we NEED YOU Rodriguez. Enclosed is a ticket to home base. We hope to see you shortly.

After reading the letter I stagger on to the porch clutching my chest. My breathing is short, raspy..my mouth has gone dry. Olivia...

I walk quickly into the house and pack a few things. She doesn't need to know why..just that im going. I couldn't stand to see the heart break in her eyes. I write out a quick note.


I have to go...i know it seems crazy but i got called back into duty. They need me baby...i can't let my country down. I wont let my country down. You wont understand it..or why i chose to leave like a thief in the night..hell i don't. I said i'd never leave you...and i'm not...this only goodbye for a while. I love you.

After scribbling the note i place it on my pillow, tears leaking from my eyes. I kiss the side of her cheek softly and she stirs. Her cute nose wrinkling up slightly. I kiss the side of her cheek.

"I lose..." I whisper and kiss her again before grabbing my bags, calling a cab and catching the designated flight. Goodbye Athena...goodbye Olivia...hello war.
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