wilde_ (wilde_) wrote in athena_town,

Monday Afternoon - The Record Shop

After returning to conciousness, I grabbed the keys to her truck and rushed from that house. I couldn't be in there. Not even with Jordana there to help. I whispered some lame excuse, pushing her arms away from me and bolting.

I knew I had to get my mind off of this situation. She couldn't be gone. Because if you loved someone that much, you'd know if they had left you. I still felt her. So she was still alive.

I went to the shop, knowing it may take my mind off of it for a few hours, but upon reaching it I couldn't even go in. So I took a seat on the plastic chair outside, lighting up a cigarette. Before I knew it I was onto a whole new pack, tears still cascading from my eyes. I looked and felt like a mess.

But chain-smoking must be the cure to all worrying. Or atleast some sort of aid, because I was feeling the tiniest fraction of calmer.
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