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Tuesday,Morning,My house

Things change when you've seen the things that i've seen...done the things that i had done recently. Being a prisoner of war is not fun...i was pretty banged up. But unlike the rest of my squad i had at least escaped with my head and all my body parts. I'm so god damn tired...i havent slept in a real bed in a while. But then again i couldn't sleep, not with these sickening images burned in my head. After i escaped and finally got discovered by a rescuing party, they had informed me they had the sent "THE LETTER" to Olivia. I knew she'd go insane. I just hope she hadn't up and dissapeared...or at least hadn't given up on me. The cab pulls up in front of my home and i sit in the back, just staring at it. Something was wrong with me...something didn't make it back overseas.

I step outside the cab and toss him some bills. I over tipped...hell when you get a fat ass pay check like i did for going over there, you would have over tipped him to.

I have my uniform on...the special one..with the goofy white gloves and the retarded hat. I always hated those stupid ass gloves so i didn't put them on..i only wore the hat placed perfectly about my head. I received the purple heart...all kinds of medals were tagged onto this uniform. For what...a way to congradulate me....thanking me for being a good murderer. I grab my things from the cab and begin my gradual walk up my front porch steps. I was still in military mode...i could feel it. That whole de-sensitizing thing was still in effect. But through all the coldness and the pain and the images...one was persistent. One remained. Olivia. I missed her so much. I was on my belly for 11 hours in shallow leech infested water...the only thing that could stop me from putting the last bullet in my pistol through my head was her. I had given up hope when they chickened out and left us. Nobody was expected to make it out alive..and i'd be damned if i let my self get captured and pumped for info. But that's over and done with...and the excuse they gave for leaving us was..."we didn't want to risk the chooper." Sad...the things i do for my country..but a machine is valued over my life. Fuck them..i'm home..and there ws only one person on my mind right now.

I lift a finger slowly...and ring the doorbell. No answer for a while. Then it hit me...the woman i love is in this house. I almost died...i almost lost her and i'm ringing the god damn doorbell. I pound on the door, yelling her name. The military wearing off...and quicker than normal.

"Olivia!!!" I keep shouting, pounding on the door. Where the hell is she...is she gone? No i can't lose her. I drop my bag by the door. It's raining now, practically pouring down. I step off the porch not giving a damn about my body getting soaked. I stand in front of the house, yelling her name. She's gone...i shrink to my knee in the rain, looking at my home.
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