Hugh Dancy (bookworm_hugh) wrote in athena_town,
Hugh Dancy

Monday early evening in the bookstore

Fab has been in my mind all day. I had a wonderful time with him. We are becoming very close and I like that. He's sweet and kind and very very sexy. He's a perfect boyfriend after the last one I had. It's nice to think about him and think the future too. I feel so much better because I know him.
But I've had other things to do too besides think of him. I just sold a few books to a group of girls. It's so fun to see that children read books still. These girls were really curious and asked a lot of questions, I'm sure some of them will come back again.
I watch the time and realize it's soon time to close the store. I need to go shopping for food, but I'll wait if late customers will show up and of course Fab. He did say he will see me later.
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