rosario__dawson (rosario__dawson) wrote in athena_town,

Tuesday,morning, my shop

It had been a while since i had talked to Jordana. Our little late night rendevous was still in my head. I could barely concentrate on thought would always switch back to her. I let my hair down from it's usual pony tail position and comb my fingers through it, looking out the window. It was pouring down outside..good thing i put my bike underneath the little porch of my shop. I had a lot of calls and fixed most of the problems on site...people were impressed by my skills. I shuffle some paper work on my desk and sign off on a few things, looking out the window occasionally.

"She isn't come were a fling okay..nothing more." I sigh, taking my glasses off to rub my eyes. I flick off my lamp and sit back in my office listening to the rain drop down on the roof. The darkness soothed me as i leaned back in my seat. No way a girl like that would be interested in someone like me..a drunken, stupid fling..that's all.
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