alicia__moore (alicia__moore) wrote in athena_town,

Tuesday,late morning,Kate's home

Painting wasn't that hard for me, it was easy...easier than working in a hot laudry room all day. I put the paint brush down to walk out on the porch. I dig in my pocket and take out a pack of smokes and light one. I take a deep drag and exhale. It's raining cat's and dogs, but i love the smell of rain...the earthiness of brings back memories. I stick my hand out into some of it and use it to slick my hair back a bit. I sigh as a few wisps of blondish brown hair fly back into my eyes. I didn't bother to move them. I finish the cigg and step back inside, checking out the job i had done so far for there living room. Pretty damn good. I could feel a light shine of sweat forming on my arms and forehead, mingling with stray drops of paint on my skin. I thought staying here would be a bad idea, but so far it's the best decision i've made in a long time. But i've grown use to being let down, so i wasn't going to be content just yet. Things never stay this good for too long.
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