edward_twinkler (edward_twinkler) wrote in athena_town,

Letters from the front: to Olivia, and to Adam

Gulfport, Mississippi

Olivia, love,
No postcards this time love. It's terrible here. Ryan's family's ok, thank God. But the mess. The damage. It'll be a while before we get back, if he even comes back. This's hit him hard. I'll be here with him another week, maybe two, til we see how things are settling. If they do.

Dear Adam,
I'm down here in Gulfport with Ryan, helping his family. It's just like you see on the news, except worse, because you can't turn it off. I'll be at least another week. Can you see if you and Doug or someone can just make sure the garden gets watered? I don't know what to do about the youth center, except hope the Sherrif's keeping an eye on it. The extra key's under the rock in the back, you know where, and I have my cell phone.
Be well,

We were on our way from the Grand Canyon to the Crescent City when it hit.
Road trip's over, folks. Time to get to work.
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