Gerard Butler (pub_gerry) wrote in athena_town,
Gerard Butler


Bloody Christ! Just when I thought things were going to settle down and become relatively normal for me, my stepmother up and leaves my father, a big fight breaks out, and I have to go back home to make sure my father doesn't get taken for all he has by that bitch he married. I never did like her, but I never was allowed much say in the matter. I could say I told you so, but I'll just let the whole damned thing drop.

I had to postpone opening up the pub until I made my return. After I rest for a day or two, then I should be able to go ahead with the grand opening.

I sighed and stepped outside, taking a nice, long breath of the cool night air. I start walking, deciding I don't care where I end up, as long as the jaunt is relaxing..
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