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athena_town's Journal

Athena - the Town where Camp Slash people go
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This is a role-playing game, celeb au and slash friendly place.
No intention to hurt anyone or be malicious, this is just a game no need to take it too seriously.

This is sister community to slashcamp. Athena is the nearby town where Camp Players go to the various stores, the medical clinic, and the hotel, eat at the restaurants, and buy tools and art supplies. The repairman is here and a great vintage record store that also has the latest in CD and mp3/iPod stuff. Clothing, laundromat, grocery with organic food, chemists (drug store to the Americans) and Post Office. Small, about 1000 inhabitants, situated between the ocean and the mountains, about 20 minutes from camp by windy road, passable in the snow and beautiful in the summer.

Out of character community athena_occ

Applications for new characters can be sent HERE.

Here is the map of the town with the list of stores, shops etc. with their owners.

- Play nice
- Violent and abusive storylines must be approved by all the players taking part in the plot and also by the mods
- Het and gay relationships both are acceptable
- If you don't like slash stay away
- Players must be over 16 years old
- Players must have aim and/or email
- Make and update your characters journal
- Aim/email because the players are in close contact with slashcamp players, so they can work together closely on the threads.

When you join send this info to athena_occ:
Character name:
Character birthdate: (Age whether it's RL age or age in the game)
Character birthplace:
Writer timezone/location:
Writer aim/email:

Players contact info.

Questions to the mods:

There's lots of free characters to play.
- store and shop owners and workers
- a family or a couple or a man/woman to keep the hotel and another to manage the restaurant
- and many others you can check out the map of the places that are available!

Taken characters:
broody_brody Adam Brody
doug_smith Douglas Smith
edward_twinkler Edward Norton - works in a youth center
just_bana Eric Bana - owns the repair shop, Rough 'n' Ready
avril_beauty Avril Lavigne
fab_violin Fabrizio Filippo
eric_j Eric Johnson
noni_colors Winona Ryder - owns the art supply store, Heaven's Palette
wilde_ Olivia Wilde - works in the record store
pixelated_amy Amy Lee - manages the arcade, Underwhirled
bookworm_hugh Hugh Dancy - owns the bookstore, Bookplace
icy_bam Bam Margera - owner of CKY Fashion clothing store
hunter_twin Hunter Johansson - Scarlett's brother visits sometimes
tommywelling Tom Welling, owns the laundromat, Tom's laundromat
michelle_rdgz Michelle Rodriquez, the sheriff
pub_gerry Gerard Butler - Pub Owner
tara__reid_ Tara Reid - a kindergarten teacher
drmcgregor Ewan McGregor - a doctor
_ring_my_bell_ Jamie Bell - a postman
rebel_milo Milo Ventimiglia - town boy, works in the diner
mysterious_vin Vin Diesel - owner of the night club
bee_lively Blake Lively - the owner of the video store
ckpatrick Chris Patrick - a wanderer, lives in the woods
chriqui_ Emmanuelle Chriqui - a town girl
laur_graham Lauren Graham - a writer

_tobey_m_ Tobey Maguire
bloom_gal Orlando Bloom
helper_boy Gregory Smith
jake_camp Jake Gyllenhaal
livelier Liv Tyler
lockpick Jared Leto
urbancountryboy Karl Urban
xx_scarlett_xx Scarlett Johansson
_hayden Hayden Christensen
guinness_kisses Colin Farrell
mask_of_me Emma Watson
__green_eyes__ Billy Boyd
country_bred Ryan Gosling
__oceansoul_ Ian Somerhalder
matrix_neo Keanu Reeves
baby_blue_eyes Maggie Gyllenhaal
biblio_rachel Rachel Weisz
charmed_drew Drew Fuller
kirsten_dunst18 Kirsten Dunst
boy_in_blue Daniel Radcliffe
camp_west Shane West
rent_charlie Charlie Hunnam

Check out Camp Slash user info if you want to know the characters that are already taken at Camp.